East West Sanctuary

East West

Situated in the heart of Central Europe, the East West Sanctuary lies in  a unique and evocative location, a symbolic crossroads between East and West Europe and Europe and the East. It is a complex of hand transformed buildings and a community of people both local and global, engaged in the careful and conscious creation of new forms of living.

The East West Sanctuary has been created to facilitate the emergence of new thinking and practices, capturing the essence and articulating  new forms and practices as they emerge. 

It brings together intellectuals, academics, business leaders,  policy-makers, social  thinkers and activists, ecologists, therapists. Its reach is both global and local. Evolutionary inquiry is a deep fusion of East and West, science and spirit, male and female. Healing practices are reunited with those of natural living and educational processes, promoting sustainable and ethical community.

EWS offers:

• facilitated dialogue of leading edge thinkers from different disciplines

• international research and publications disseminated globally

• spiritual, educational, and self-developmental courses, retreats and workshops 

• a global and local community of spiritual practice

Please browse through our webpage, and connect to  the sister webpage, eastwestinterconnect to find out how you can join our growing community and participate in these transformational processes.  


New retreats for 2013

Integrating mindfulness into sustainable business practice


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